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Sanitary Inspection Products

Ultraviolet Lamps


Use Spectroline UV lamps to inspect guest rooms, rest rooms, food preparation surfaces and equipment, fitness areas, pools, saunas and spas. Use them to sanitize bathroom fixtures, food prep and health care areas and to destroy germs on "disease transfer points" such as handrails, elevator buttons, office machines, door knobs, drinking fountains, telephones and exercise equipment.

The proper use of Spectroline UV lamps will save money on housekeeping, laundry and chemical costs. It will also enable you to reduce your use of toxic cleaning agents, "green the cleaning" and prevent the spread of germs among your staff as well as your guests.



Ultra-Portable, Battery-Operated UV Lamp 

MiniMAX™ Series

Battery-Operated, Hand-Held UV Lamps


Battery-Operated UV Lamp