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GLO-STICK® Leak Detection Kit Finds All Leaks in Small to Medium Sized AC&R Systems

on Thu, 02/11/2016 - 15:07

Leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems cost the industry millions of dollars every year. Most are discovered only after a loss of cooling leads to discomfort, spoilage or production difficulties. Spectronics Corporation manufactures a variety of kits to detect even the most elusive refrigerant leaks.

The Spectroline® OPK-40GS/E GLO-STICK® Kit contains everything needed to locate all AC&R leaks in small to medium sized systems — including high-pressure R-410A systems. Technicians will appreciate the convenience of the single-dose fluorescent dye capsules, which allow adding refrigerant and fluorescent dye in one simple step.

The anchor of the kit is the OPTIMAX™ 400 leak detection flashlight. Its high-output violet light LED enables dyes to fluoresce more brightly and with greater contrast compared to conventional blue light lamps. The OPTIMAX 400 has power equal to high-intensity 150-watt lamps, and an inspection range of 25 feet (7.6 m) or more.

The OPK-40GS/E Complete GLO-STICK kit also includes:

  • Four universal/POE GLO-STICK® dye capsules
  • Bleed valve
  • Purge capsule
  • Hose/coupler with check valve, low-loss and purge fittings
  • 8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner
  • Fluorescence-enhancing glasses

All components are packed in a rugged carrying case. The kit treats up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) of refrigerant, 4 gallons (15 L) of lubricant, or 24 tons of cooling.